From Best Friend to Boyfriend – The Transition

For some girls the transition from being his BFF to his girlfriend comes easy. But then at times we all are left wondering how do we need to behave now, what is acceptable and what won’t be? Someone you could discuss everything to without even thinking twice. Now that the relationship has changed and you are trying to impress the guy and don’t know how to behave around him. Should it be like you are still his best friend or show him a little girlfriend traits?

• Don’t be too friendly
While sitting with him and watching a movie or playing a game with him in your PJ’s was ok earlier when you were just buddies, it is not so when you are dating. You might think he is ok with it but then why not try to be a little exciting and impress him!

• Passing too much information
It was ok earlier to pass information about that little boy streak that you had or how you fought with your friend. But then now when you two are close to one another. You should learn to limit showing him things he doesn’t need to know!

• Be a little more girly
Before you go out there and see him for a casual hangout or a date make sure you look good. You are dressed to impress as he no longer is your friend and you need to seduce him.

• Avoid home dates
For a while it will be better that you two go to a little more fancy places and not just meeting each other at houses. It will give you the background for romance and you might get close to him more comparatively!

• Be a little patient
When it comes to dating, before coming to the kiss there is a three date rule basically. You feel you are ready, you can get a little intimate with him after the third date. But then you seem to recall he is your best friend and can this matchmaking etiquette still comes into picture, yes it does! Please be a little patient and stick to the rule.

• Compliments
He was your friend earlier so pulling his leg on how his hair or his messed up dressing sense was ok. Now back off from that teasing and learn to compliment him. He will love it when you compliment him.

• Make him miss you
Always sticking together is good as friends. But give him a little space when you are his girlfriend. Go on have a girls night-out with your friends or just stay in your place without communicating him for a night. This will make your bond get a little strong.

While you have just found love, it is going to take some effort for it to blossom. Wait for the sunshine and it will all be blooming!

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