‘National Hug your cat day’ – 4th of June

From Taylor swift to Ed Sheeran, Sanya Mirza to Alia Bhatt all have that special love for their furrr buddy. It is truly said that there are 2 kinds of people in the world- cat people and other people.

From last few years, 4th of June is celebrated as ‘National hug your cat day’. This day unites the cat people from all across the world.

Scroll down if you want to have a look of your famous celebrities, who cannot resist a day without cuddling there adorable felines!

  1. Your favourite, my favourite, everybody’s favourite, Taylor swift has somebody else as her favourite. No it’s not Harry! It’s her 2 felines which she adores more than anyone else.
  2. Next comes our darling Alia Bhatt, she adopted a cat named ‘Pikka ‘. She being a PETA supporter has a view of adoption rather than buying them. Good going Alia!
  3. Sania Mirza, the ace player has a cat named ‘posh’. This white ferry was rescued by her and now lives a posh life with her guardian!
  4. Katy Perry’s love for kittens is a well-known fact by everybody. At times, she even makes her dancers wear cat costumes! By the way, she has named her feline, Kitty Purry! No wonder she is called as cat lady!
  5. Ian Somerhalder’s date is none other than her cat ‘moke’! Golden brown feline is always wrapped up in his arms and is favourite of Ian amongst his 6 other dogs!

So guys, adopt a kitten today!

Have a purrfect day peeps!

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