Flats are the new heels

Fashion is cyclical. Amen!

Once been an integral part of power dressing and modernity, heels have now been shown the back side of the shelves. It ‘used’ to be a woman’s best friend (diamond holding the top notch!), but with time and always-changing fashion, the trend is back again.

Let us be practical and comfy once again, and choose our toes to be horizontal for some time. With athleisure trend raging the style meter high, more and more designers and brands have started up this business of flat-coup.

  • Be it the espadrilles from Valentino or the surf sandals from Prada, sneakers from Adidas or the gold-toe loafers from Marni, all have lured the fashionistas from across the globe.
  • Who said you can’t be chic and formal altogether? Try pairing up those pointed pumps or a lace-up with your cropped trousers and you are good to go.
  • Planning a fun brunch with your girlies? Try rope soled wedges or a pair of brogues with your colourful spring dresses and you are ready to hop and go crazy all round.
  • Be it a denim overall or an androgynous look, a pair of flats in any form can accentuate your style just perfectly.

No wonder, our favourite Victoria Beckham switched from heels to flat! What say peeps?

It’s time to flatter some flats ladies!

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