10 Bad Habits You Need to Kill in 2017 to Be More Successful


New Year Calls for Resolutions!

For almost all of us New Year brings a new set of resolutions. Every now and then we decide something and some people even get through their resolutions. I, personally, never even think about it after January.


What do our resolutions consist of? Mostly, developing some or the other good habits in ourselves. Like eating more fruits and having a healthy diet. However, this year let’s take up a resolution to give up some of our bad habits. See how.


  • Say No to Social Media


Social Media may seem to be very fun but it can trap you there for a time being while you are trying to make that presentation at the workplace. Social Media platforms can sometimes really come in the way of your work, hence, decreasing the overall efficiency. So put your phone aside and stop looking at your social media notification.


  • It’s not all about you


Your fuming boss doesn’t necessarily mean he is about to fire you, maybe he is just entangled in his own issues and taking it out on you. Just pull your head up and smile!


  • Stop Multitasking


No matter how much multitasking is appreciated in our industry, however, let’s accept the fact that we can’t do it. Your mind gets distracted and confused between both the tasks and chances are, you’ll definitely mess up with at least one of them.


  • You don’t need to compare yourself


Stop comparing yourself with your colleagues and friends; it will only decrease your effectiveness. And let’s accept the fact that there is always going to be someone better than you, rather than loathing others, start working on yourself.


  • Don’t Complain


The more you complain, the more you start hating your workplace. Complaining just never helps, in fact, it might give your colleagues a notion that you are always sulking. Just talk about good stuff and you’ll automatically start feeling happy.


  • Start saying No


Don’t blindly agree to every deadline or task that your boss assigns you like a puppet. If you think there’s not enough time, then let him know that, there is no point in working day and night, and still getting criticized at the end.


  • Move a bit


It is actually not necessary to keep sitting at your desk all day, just do a walk meeting. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, just keep yourself moving and kill the laziness.


  • Don’t give excuses


If a certain task can be done, then do it. Don’t go over and start giving reasons for not doing it. Do what needs to be done, that is what you are in the office for.


  • Turn your pessimistic-self into an optimistic one


Don’t be just blatantly pessimistic about everything and keep saying “I can’t do it”. Give your 200% to every task not only in office but generally in life. Motivate yourself and also the people around you.


  • Everything can’t be perfect


Everything can’t be perfect, if your boss is okay about your work, then I’d say leave it at that. Stop stressing yourself over it. If a task gives you results, you are good to go.

There are a lot of small rituals we all follow at workplace, it is now time to shed some of these habits and move on. Let the good things come along with the New Year.  

By: Vaishali Parnami

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