This tech-graduate helping redress civil woes on Rajasthan Sampark portal

JODHPUR: In past two years and a half, Rajasthan Sampark Portal (an integrated management system of the state government) has received about 150 grievances of diverse nature pertaining to civic woes like roads, lights, parks, water disposal, water, sewerage etc. worth Rs four crore approx. While some of the issues have been addressed and resolved, some others are still in process.


“This is a wonderful tool not only to hear about civic problems, but also to get them redressed in time, which is hardly expected,” said Pratyush Joshi, a tech-graduate , of Jodhpur who has been constantly on hunt of issues around him to post them on the portal.

The crusade began in 2014, when he shifted from his parental house from Walled City to Chopasni Housing Board area of the city. This shift exposed him to bounty of civic woes people had been facing.

“I heard about this portal that it was launched recently. First I used it by posting about absence of dustbins in my locality. And to my surprise, I got a call from an official from JMC on the very next day, visit by them in next two days and in a week, we had a dustbin in our locality”, said Joshi.

And the journey started then and is incessantly going on, with issues of civic woes from not only to his locality or city but also to districts like Pali and Barmer, posted on the portal and resolved by the officials.

Joshi said he loves to travel and after realizing the potential of this portal, whenever he learns of some new issue, he would post it on the portal instantly and keeps on tracking until the issue is resolved.

In similar way, he harnessed the strength of this portal in bringing water to a locality in Pali, which had been deprived of proper water supply for past eight years.

But the journey was not smooth as dealing with rigid and indifferent officials to make them understand the gravity of some issues was an uphill task, for which Joshi had to brazen with them.
“Many ask me if I have some political pursuits or intentions or I want to make something out of this like making money by helping others with the issues,” he said.

Surprised about the ignorance among not only the citizens but also the party cadre about how mighty this portal is. Now, Joshi looks forward to prepare workers on gram panchayat level to make the best of this portal towards good governance and wish it to be adopted by other states also.


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