Adventure Supreme – Things To Do Before You Die

blog bannerHave you ever thought of getting out of the boring schedule and try something new to come out of it – many of us for sure must have and to travel sounds like the best idea too. But how about trying something out of the box this time like Riot Tourism may be, or Volcano Boarding, or Extreme ironing for that matter.

All of us want to spend a good and a comfortable life and to achieve it, we get too busy in finding ways to earn more and more money without worrying about the fact that it consumes most of our lifetime. And at the end, we regret that we were unable to do anything thrilling and exciting. And who is to be blamed – Us, obviously.

Here are five things anyone and everyone should try at least once in their lives, to feel rejuvenated, to get energized and more importantly to create memories for the future.

  • Jet Pack Flight: Not only Iron man has the rights to fly nowadays. The recently trending Jet Pack Flights have become the main attraction among the crowd of Dubai.   It surely is a bit costly venture, but it’s worth every buck spent for it.

Jet Pack Flight

  • Water Fall Kayaking:  If you’ve ever been afraid of water and all the power it contains in itself, now can be the time for you to try out Water Fall Kayaking and kill all the fear you have been pertaining from water all your life. All you need is a Kayak and a waterfall, of course.

Water fall kayaking

  • Heli Skiing: Another heart-throbbing adventure sport which will shake all your nerves is Heli Skiing. The helicopter carries you to the top of the mountain range, and the rest becomes that part of your life, which you can never forget for a long time.  The sport is for the ones who know skiing and more importantly for those who don’t know it. It’s a wonderful experience and everyone should experience it at least once.

Heli Sking

  • Under Water Golf:  Almost all of us must have heard of Golf, and of course, most of us, must have tried hands on it too. But Under Water Golf gives an altogether different experience wherein you’ll get a chance to play golf under the deep blue sea.  The sport has been started in a Chinese aquarium and with its widespread popularity, other countries are also getting aligned with the idea of introducing it in their homelands.

Under Water Golf

  • Sky Diving: As dangerous as it can sound, Skydiving has become most popular in European countries and in countries like Dubai. A major tourist attraction, Skydiving includes a couple of days of tough training on the ground. Once you are ready, they take you to the heights of more than 20,000 feet above the ground in a chopper. It’s an amazing experience once you jump out of the chopper because it feels as if you are literally flying for some time, until you unleash the parachute.

Sky Diving

So don’t wait for long and let your adrenaline rise. Some must do’s before you die and to reach your adventure supreme.

By: Devendra Rijhwani


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