5 Handmade Craft Work To Décor Your Room

craft work banner 1Once in a while, we all feel to give a flare to our creative side and want to try a hand in something captivating to our eyes and heart. There is no better place than your room to give this “personal” touch. There could be many handmade craft work to décor your room which can bring many compliments for your creativity.

Let’s try few:

1) Butterfly Wall Décor: This is one of the simplest craft works you can do for your room. A lively and vivacious presence of colourful butterflies will brighten your room. Use black coloured craft paper or colourful and cut them. Use double tape to give a desirous shape on your wall.


2) Paper Rosette Backdrop: One of my personal favourite, easy simple and quick to make but full of colour. Be it your room or you are throwing any party, it can go will all. Take a piece of paper and accordion fold it all the way. Fold your accordion-folded piece of paper in half. Once you have three, staple them to each other.


3) Yarn Banners: If you are looking for something out of the box and raw, then yarn banners are the best décor for your room. All you need is yarn in various colours. Prepare dowels of them in any size as per your wall space. Hang them on the sticks and place it on walls. This will give a perfect positivity to your room.


4) Punch Art: This punch art can be done by even kids. All you require is colourful, printed, patterned and textured sheets. Punch them in a circular shape and paste them on one board. It’s quick and amazing. Give it a try!


5) Hi Painting (Text Painting): Seems very interesting! Use a sponge with colours and write any text for your wall, door or entrance and amaze people with simplest yet engaging craft work.


These 5 simple handmade craft work can make your room sparkle and eye-catchy. Your room always needs your creative pampering.


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