5 Ways To Décor Your Room With Used Bottles

banner bottleDo you have spare empty bottles at your home and you want to discard them?  Wait! You can use them in a better way. Be creative and use these bottles to décor your room, lawn or kitchen. Here are few cool ideas to recycle used bottles:

1) Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser: Wash bottle and remove labels. Use a brush to apply a layer of glitter glue to bottle’s neck. Sprinkle with glass glitter until completely covered. Let dry. Fill with dish soap. Add pourer.

wine bottle

2) Wine Cork Picture Frame: Paint frame in a colour of your choice. Using box cutter, cut corks into ¼″-thick slices. Paint slices in different colours and let it dry. Put these coloured corks on the frame.

picture frame

3)Bird Feeder: Use plastic bottles and make two diagonal holes with a knife at the middle and put two wooden spoons crossing the two holes. Fill the jar with bird feed and hang it on your balcony or in your lawn.

bird feeder

4) Bottle Holders: Use colourful bottles to manage your make up brushes, lip colours of cosmetics. These beautiful holders can also be used as a toothbrush-toothpaste holder. You can use them for keeping your pen, pencils etc. Cut a bottle in half and then smooth their corners by using iron.


5) Wall Garden: One of the most beautiful and eco-friendly uses of these bottles could be your wall garden. It can be on your terrace or backyard. Use bottles as small pots with various seedlings. It’s easy, beautiful and eye-catchy use of bottles.

bottle garden

Very small, easy, quick and creative use of used bottles can give a raw and innovative touch to your home décor. So before throwing the bottles away, give a though to use them in a perfect way. So start today!

By: Sudha Ram Joshi

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