Technology– Ruling the Human Society

Untitled-6Technology has attained a faster pace of development these days than the older times quite evidently. As we are progressing with time, technology is becoming promising and a huge improvement can be felt in its development.  Mobile, cloud computing and revolutionary up gradations in computers have already proved that the face of technology in the future will be absolutely different than it is present.  

Developed as well as developing countries today have started becoming dependent on such technological moves and the control and security systems have become matured with the addition of technology to the lineup.

Let us look into some of these advancements which are taking technology and human society to a different level.

Better customer service experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence


AI is the latest trend talk amongst people these days and people with strong startup ideas towards machine learning have found it easy to find investors for them. Such ideas are getting backed up by big guns like Google, Apple and Salesforce. The recent survey clears that more than 40 such tech start Ups have already been acquired by Google and Apple.

Intelligent Apps on Mobile Phones


A Couple of years ago, no one had thought of a virtual human assistant at such a low price as today. Companies like Apple, Google etc. have now been successful in launching virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant at such affordable prices, giving an altogether new direction to technology. A continuous effort is in progress to improve the features of these human assistants and every effort is being put in to ensure best virtual response provided by them.

Virtual Reality to help attract customers towards businesses


Almost everyone is aware of Virtual Reality now and hence, there is a continuous demand in improving the hardware utilized for the same. High-end business investors like Facebook have put themselves into the Virtual Reality market and have purchased the production of the VR Oculus headset to provide the best experience to its users. The technology has proved to be a boon to the mankind in the sense that it has given a completely new direction for humans to interact with each other even while staying far away from each other.

With such advancements in technology, it is quite evident that the world is marching towards a higher tech era and it won’t be a wonder when someday technology takes over all the human responsibilities, making it a work-free society.

There are many more technological advancements which are yet to be launched and rumours suggest that the newer versions of the technology will be capable of bringing a revolution in this technological world.

By: Devendra Rijhwani 

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