e-Mitra- Your Helping Hand and Time Saver

emitra 2The major concern of any government is to deliver the benefits of various schemes to the people for whom the schemes have been formulated. But many times these schemes miss serving their real objective due to complexities of governance.

Addressing this issue, the Government of Rajasthan has come up with a transforming idea which has changed and simplified the entire working of administrative complexities.  This revolutionise e-Governance scheme is e-Mitra.

The Government of Rajasthan has launched this programme in the year 2004. This is one of the exceptional initiatives by the Rajasthan Government.

e-Mitra ensures service delivery till the last mile, a multi-modal service delivery platform offering a wide range of services to the residents close to their doorstep.

e-Mitra has been set to simplify complications which citizen use to face for accomplishing many tasks regarding various departments. It serves as a “One-Stop-Solution” where citizens do not need to wander to different offices to get their work done.

Salient Features of e-Mitra:

  • e-Mitra provides a platform for easy access to many services through the help of e-Mitra executives.
  • Over 290 G2C (Government to Citizen) and B2C (Business to Consumer) services fall into this scheme.
  • Services are Bill Payment, Online Application/Examination/Education Forms, Application /Updation for Aadhar Card, Bhamashah Card, Banking Services, Grievance Redressal, Ticket Booking, Recharge, Fee Deposition, Insurance Premium Payments, and Certificates etc.
  • e-Mitra is facilitating all 33 districts across the state by using Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model. For real-time reach, there are multiple points of service and communication- centres.

e-Mitra Kiosks are widely spread across the state which provides a helping hand to the citizens. Also, it saves the time of the citizens. One can easily use any of modes like kiosks, web portal, Mobile App to get their desired services. It is on our palms to access the services of e-Mitra.

e-Mitra is benefitting to people who are not versed with the proceedings of so many services and the e-Mitra executives not only helps them but to describe the entire procedures and requirements in the local language and with the easily understandable approach.

So next time, when you get difficulty in any of such services, there is one hand of the Government is always ready to help you. All you need to avail the benefits through these help corners in your city, town or village.

By: Sudha Ram Joshi




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