Nyay Aapke Dwaar – Guaranteeing Prompt Justice

nad 2Viewing the increase in the number of pending cases in revenue courts, a very bold initiative was taken by the Government of Rajasthan wherein Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje announced that after a great success of “Sarkar Aapke Dwaar” project, a new project by the name of “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” would be initiated so that the number of such pending cases can be brought in control. The project also aimed at bringing proper law and order in the state and so that the citizens keep their belief in the judiciary system of the state and of the country. Smt. Raje also stated that there should not be any requirement of such a project as the judicial system should be capable enough to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Under the project, cases which are pending for a long time are kept on priority and the resolution is provided to the correct party as soon as possible.“Nyay Aapke Dwaar” project aims at prompt and correct justice to the ones who are suffering due to the lack of justice.


As a matter of fact, after the initiation of the project, there is a sigh of relief among the state citizens, especially farmers, who have been waiting for receiving the justice since a very long time. The project has also brought assurance to the citizens that in future too if any such grievance occurs, they will receive justice at a prompt pace.

There have been a numerous number of cases which have been resolved because of the initiation of the project and the people have shown their warmest of gratitude towards the government. In Village Baran, two brothers Dhula and Kanha Meena lost their father 30 years ago. They were kids then, and hence, the legacy of the land was put under the name of their elder brother. They tried very hard to get their names added to the property document but didn’t get any success. Because of this, they were unable to apply for any loans which were offered by the government for the development of agriculture and small scale industries at that time.  Finally, they arrived at Baroda where the “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” campaign was organized. They approached the concerned Officer, Shri Naresh Bunkar and told him their situation. Without wasting time, Shri Bunkar got the formalities done instantly and got their names added as was desired by them.

A Similar incident happened in Village Dhaturiyakala in Jhalawar where 65-year-old Kalu Lal Meghwal received justice after 28 years because of “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” Campaign. Way back in 1988, his name was registered as dead in the records and his property was put under someone else’s name. It took 28 years for him to prove that he is not dead. According to him, if “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” wouldn’t have been there, it would have taken another 10 – 15 years. He thanked the government for initiating such a campaign and after receiving justice, all he could say was “Aaj Mera Fir se Janam Hua Hai”.   

The government of Rajasthan has taken several out of the box initiatives for the welfare of the state and its residents. Nyay Aapke Dwaar proves to be another stepping stone in its success path. WE hope that such initiatives will be taken every now and then so that the citizens can rest assured about receiving justice by the government in the minimum time possible and can always lead a secured life.

By: Devendra Rijhwani

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