e-Mitra- Generating Employment For Grass Root

mitraBy empowering youth, you empower entire society.  Good governance has many objectives to serve on and employment is one of those prime objectives. Making a person financially capable is one key to the growth. The Government of Rajasthan has taken several steps to bringing this independence amongst citizen of Rajasthan especially in youth by generating employment through e-Mitra.

Many schemes are serving for this cause. An independent youth, not only helps him/her but also creates opportunities for others. CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje envisioned this fact and vigorously working towards it to achieve sustainable ways.

Out of all the schemes, one scheme which is extensively serving to this motive at distant corners of the state is e-Mitra. e-Mitra is giving the opportunity to the unemployed youth to get financial flares in their life.

Let’s know how e-Mitra is helping the youth of rural Rajasthan:

  • Preference to local youth for the allotment of e-Mitra kiosk
  • Makes them financial independent
  • Increases computer literacy
  • Provides facility for filling various examination forms and applications
  • Provides information about various government schemes/loans and entrepreneurial initiatives

By e-Mitra kiosks, people from the rural part of the state are getting a wide exposure as an executive or e-Mitra representatives. It is also making them technologically and digitally verse.

Providing employment is one of the objectives of CSC (Common Service Centre) project.  It is an entrepreneurial expedition for the people who look for the options as setting up their own business.

If we look at the numbers, in 2009-11 the numbers of kiosks were 800 only which increased up to 40,000+ now in 2017. This explains the number of employment generated by e-Mitra alone.

40,000+ e-Mitra Kiosks – Opportunity for entrepreneurship, employment and e-Governance

e-Mitra gives the freedom to choose an entrepreneurial knack. It is providing a source of income to people at their own place with the satisfaction of serving a good cause by bringing ease in the life of the citizens of the Rajasthan.

This is actually generating employment for the grass root level as the kiosk allotment opens for everyone and especially for the residents of the particular town, city or village.

The urban, semi-urban and rural people are experiencing the taste of entrepreneurship with the help of this scheme. The Government of Rajasthan is well pledged to deliverance and good governance through various schemes.

By: Sudha Ram Joshi 

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