Emitra Centers: Making Life Easy for A Common Man in Rajasthan

eMitraLong queue at the electricity office? Pay your bills online! Visit the nearest eMitra centre in Rajasthan to avail the benefits of e-governance…

Distance doesn’t matter in today’s competitive era. Despite visible geographical barriers, technology is what brings people closer and makes their life more comfortable. Despite being the second most populated country in the world, India is far behind in terms of technology usage, especially Rajasthan—the second largest state in India. In a bid to promote digital technology, the Government of Rajasthan decided to revolutionize the paralyzed government system, reliant on papers and file records. In 2004, Rajasthan government, led by chief minister Vasundhara Raje, laid the foundation of Emitra centers in Rajasthan.

Effective and quick delivery of government services to citizens in remote regions of Rajasthan was the basic idea behind Emitras. Based on the principle of e-governance, the centers aimed at connecting all 33 districts in Rajasthan. With these centers, the government made an attempt to bridge gaps between urban and rural Rajasthan. Initially, the project was launched at a small scale. 6000 Emitra centers were established all over the state.

Within a decade, the number rose to 45,000 in Rajasthan alone! Today, the desert state of India makes up 25% of the total Emitra Kendra in the country. It’s not just the numbers; eMitras are fast expanding in terms of service quality, as well! Three years back, these fully-digitized centers delivered 50 services. At present, 250 B2C and G2C services have been added to this network. More than 70 departments are interconnected via e-Mitra network, which turned out to be India’s biggest digital network. Whether you want to verify an error in Gram Panchayat record, apply for citizenship, birth/death certificate or pay your college fee, you can easily do it at the nearest

Whether you want to verify an error in Gram Panchayat record, apply for citizenship, birth/death certificate or pay your college fee, you can easily do it at the nearest e-Mitra Kendra. Not only this, you can look for government job opportunities, transfer money to your friends, get a new electricity connection, calculate your house tax and get enrollment in a college!

eMitra centers have made life easier for a common man! If you’re tech-savvy, you can sign up on the official website of eMitra. As for government offices, it’s essential to update the new rate list on the website. As per officers, around 60 to 70 lakh transactions take place on these digital centers. Seeing the overwhelming response of this government scheme, Raje government is likely to improve its quality and add more perks to it in future! EMitras have turned out to be the largest success of Rajasthan government till date!

EMitras have turned out to be the largest success of Rajasthan government till date!

Source: Oh My India


e-Mitra- Generating Employment For Grass Root

mitraBy empowering youth, you empower entire society.  Good governance has many objectives to serve on and employment is one of those prime objectives. Making a person financially capable is one key to the growth. The Government of Rajasthan has taken several steps to bringing this independence amongst citizen of Rajasthan especially in youth by generating employment through e-Mitra.

Many schemes are serving for this cause. An independent youth, not only helps him/her but also creates opportunities for others. CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje envisioned this fact and vigorously working towards it to achieve sustainable ways.

Out of all the schemes, one scheme which is extensively serving to this motive at distant corners of the state is e-Mitra. e-Mitra is giving the opportunity to the unemployed youth to get financial flares in their life.

Let’s know how e-Mitra is helping the youth of rural Rajasthan:

  • Preference to local youth for the allotment of e-Mitra kiosk
  • Makes them financial independent
  • Increases computer literacy
  • Provides facility for filling various examination forms and applications
  • Provides information about various government schemes/loans and entrepreneurial initiatives

By e-Mitra kiosks, people from the rural part of the state are getting a wide exposure as an executive or e-Mitra representatives. It is also making them technologically and digitally verse.

Providing employment is one of the objectives of CSC (Common Service Centre) project.  It is an entrepreneurial expedition for the people who look for the options as setting up their own business.

If we look at the numbers, in 2009-11 the numbers of kiosks were 800 only which increased up to 40,000+ now in 2017. This explains the number of employment generated by e-Mitra alone.

40,000+ e-Mitra Kiosks – Opportunity for entrepreneurship, employment and e-Governance

e-Mitra gives the freedom to choose an entrepreneurial knack. It is providing a source of income to people at their own place with the satisfaction of serving a good cause by bringing ease in the life of the citizens of the Rajasthan.

This is actually generating employment for the grass root level as the kiosk allotment opens for everyone and especially for the residents of the particular town, city or village.

The urban, semi-urban and rural people are experiencing the taste of entrepreneurship with the help of this scheme. The Government of Rajasthan is well pledged to deliverance and good governance through various schemes.

By: Sudha Ram Joshi 

e-Mitra- Your Helping Hand and Time Saver

emitra 2The major concern of any government is to deliver the benefits of various schemes to the people for whom the schemes have been formulated. But many times these schemes miss serving their real objective due to complexities of governance.

Addressing this issue, the Government of Rajasthan has come up with a transforming idea which has changed and simplified the entire working of administrative complexities.  This revolutionise e-Governance scheme is e-Mitra.

The Government of Rajasthan has launched this programme in the year 2004. This is one of the exceptional initiatives by the Rajasthan Government.

e-Mitra ensures service delivery till the last mile, a multi-modal service delivery platform offering a wide range of services to the residents close to their doorstep.

e-Mitra has been set to simplify complications which citizen use to face for accomplishing many tasks regarding various departments. It serves as a “One-Stop-Solution” where citizens do not need to wander to different offices to get their work done.

Salient Features of e-Mitra:

  • e-Mitra provides a platform for easy access to many services through the help of e-Mitra executives.
  • Over 290 G2C (Government to Citizen) and B2C (Business to Consumer) services fall into this scheme.
  • Services are Bill Payment, Online Application/Examination/Education Forms, Application /Updation for Aadhar Card, Bhamashah Card, Banking Services, Grievance Redressal, Ticket Booking, Recharge, Fee Deposition, Insurance Premium Payments, and Certificates etc.
  • e-Mitra is facilitating all 33 districts across the state by using Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model. For real-time reach, there are multiple points of service and communication- centres.

e-Mitra Kiosks are widely spread across the state which provides a helping hand to the citizens. Also, it saves the time of the citizens. One can easily use any of modes like kiosks, web portal, Mobile App to get their desired services. It is on our palms to access the services of e-Mitra.

e-Mitra is benefitting to people who are not versed with the proceedings of so many services and the e-Mitra executives not only helps them but to describe the entire procedures and requirements in the local language and with the easily understandable approach.

So next time, when you get difficulty in any of such services, there is one hand of the Government is always ready to help you. All you need to avail the benefits through these help corners in your city, town or village.

By: Sudha Ram Joshi



Nyay Aapke Dwaar – Guaranteeing Prompt Justice

nad 2Viewing the increase in the number of pending cases in revenue courts, a very bold initiative was taken by the Government of Rajasthan wherein Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje announced that after a great success of “Sarkar Aapke Dwaar” project, a new project by the name of “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” would be initiated so that the number of such pending cases can be brought in control. The project also aimed at bringing proper law and order in the state and so that the citizens keep their belief in the judiciary system of the state and of the country. Smt. Raje also stated that there should not be any requirement of such a project as the judicial system should be capable enough to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Under the project, cases which are pending for a long time are kept on priority and the resolution is provided to the correct party as soon as possible.“Nyay Aapke Dwaar” project aims at prompt and correct justice to the ones who are suffering due to the lack of justice.


As a matter of fact, after the initiation of the project, there is a sigh of relief among the state citizens, especially farmers, who have been waiting for receiving the justice since a very long time. The project has also brought assurance to the citizens that in future too if any such grievance occurs, they will receive justice at a prompt pace.

There have been a numerous number of cases which have been resolved because of the initiation of the project and the people have shown their warmest of gratitude towards the government. In Village Baran, two brothers Dhula and Kanha Meena lost their father 30 years ago. They were kids then, and hence, the legacy of the land was put under the name of their elder brother. They tried very hard to get their names added to the property document but didn’t get any success. Because of this, they were unable to apply for any loans which were offered by the government for the development of agriculture and small scale industries at that time.  Finally, they arrived at Baroda where the “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” campaign was organized. They approached the concerned Officer, Shri Naresh Bunkar and told him their situation. Without wasting time, Shri Bunkar got the formalities done instantly and got their names added as was desired by them.

A Similar incident happened in Village Dhaturiyakala in Jhalawar where 65-year-old Kalu Lal Meghwal received justice after 28 years because of “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” Campaign. Way back in 1988, his name was registered as dead in the records and his property was put under someone else’s name. It took 28 years for him to prove that he is not dead. According to him, if “Nyay Aapke Dwaar” wouldn’t have been there, it would have taken another 10 – 15 years. He thanked the government for initiating such a campaign and after receiving justice, all he could say was “Aaj Mera Fir se Janam Hua Hai”.   

The government of Rajasthan has taken several out of the box initiatives for the welfare of the state and its residents. Nyay Aapke Dwaar proves to be another stepping stone in its success path. WE hope that such initiatives will be taken every now and then so that the citizens can rest assured about receiving justice by the government in the minimum time possible and can always lead a secured life.

By: Devendra Rijhwani

Rajasthan Sampark – Resolution At Your Fingertips

sam 1With a zest of developing Rajasthan into digital hub of India, Government of Rajasthan initiated a project called Rajasthan Sampark in the year 2014. The project aimed towards creating citizen centric governance in Rajasthan and for achieving the same, it was found very essential to minimize the grievances that the citizens might be facing time and again and to provide them with the best resolution to their day to day problems.

Rajasthan Sampark is an initiation by Government of Rajasthan which is implemented through Department of IT & C. Using Rajasthan Sampark, the common man now can reach the various departments of the Government for any kind of queries and concerns without even walking into the government offices, which is an achievement in itself.

sam 3

As the name of the project suggests, Rajasthan Sampark provides features as discussed below.

  • Rajasthan Sampark is an online portal which helps the state citizens to lodge grievances against any of the departments associated with Government of Rajasthan.
  • Not only via online portal, Citizens can lodge their grievances by calling in the dedicated call centres, via mobile app or by visiting the Rajasthan Sampark Center directly.
  • Even if the person is not a permanent resident of the state, he/she is still eligible to lodge the grievance if he/she has faced any issue in any of the departments of Government of Rajasthan.
  • There is no fee associated with lodging a grievance/complaint via Rajasthan Sampark.

sam 2

Via Rajasthan Sampark, the government intends to deliver the best aspects of good governance to the general public which includes Transparency, Grievance redressal, Communication and robust delivery system. Indeed, the government is achieving the objective and we wish it continues to strive for the best in future as well.

By: Devendra Rijhwani 

Street Style inspired looks from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


  1. Flary Pants: The love for flares will never fade away! Team it up with a bold camisole or a flary sleeve blouse & you are totally a head turner. Our very favourite Kendall Jenner can be seen flaunting flary denim pants on L.A streets with her favourite vintage slivers.
  2. Patchy Embroidery: Gucci’s lion embroidered jacket is the first one which clicks my fashion memoir! From Suzy Menkes adorning this fiery jacket to Gigi Hadid captivating the french streets, patchwork is all where our eyes are set on!
  3. Pleated Skirt: Pleats could make you look neat, sharp and slim of course! Brunch, After hour parties or simply an Office meeting, it surely has a feminine appeal and helps you look sheath. Don’t forget to team it up with a Miu Miu mule!
  4. Feminine Ruffles: Inspired by Oscar de la Renta, ruffles are here to stay! Like really long…! A nice ruffle at the shoulder or a wide one at the sleeves, they work best on summery pastel tone. Just a pair of brogues can alleviate the look even more!
  5. Khaki : Yes, you heard it right! Right from Olivia Palermo’s closet, the colour is trending high on the list of fashionistas. Straight from the runway, Khaki is flashing all across the streets! So peeps, khaki is the new black!!!

Flaunt these 5 looks from the fashion week and captivate the streets ladies as its time to be the true fashionista!

By: Vatsala Mishra

Technology– Ruling the Human Society

Untitled-6Technology has attained a faster pace of development these days than the older times quite evidently. As we are progressing with time, technology is becoming promising and a huge improvement can be felt in its development.  Mobile, cloud computing and revolutionary up gradations in computers have already proved that the face of technology in the future will be absolutely different than it is present.  

Developed as well as developing countries today have started becoming dependent on such technological moves and the control and security systems have become matured with the addition of technology to the lineup.

Let us look into some of these advancements which are taking technology and human society to a different level.

Better customer service experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence


AI is the latest trend talk amongst people these days and people with strong startup ideas towards machine learning have found it easy to find investors for them. Such ideas are getting backed up by big guns like Google, Apple and Salesforce. The recent survey clears that more than 40 such tech start Ups have already been acquired by Google and Apple.

Intelligent Apps on Mobile Phones


A Couple of years ago, no one had thought of a virtual human assistant at such a low price as today. Companies like Apple, Google etc. have now been successful in launching virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant at such affordable prices, giving an altogether new direction to technology. A continuous effort is in progress to improve the features of these human assistants and every effort is being put in to ensure best virtual response provided by them.

Virtual Reality to help attract customers towards businesses


Almost everyone is aware of Virtual Reality now and hence, there is a continuous demand in improving the hardware utilized for the same. High-end business investors like Facebook have put themselves into the Virtual Reality market and have purchased the production of the VR Oculus headset to provide the best experience to its users. The technology has proved to be a boon to the mankind in the sense that it has given a completely new direction for humans to interact with each other even while staying far away from each other.

With such advancements in technology, it is quite evident that the world is marching towards a higher tech era and it won’t be a wonder when someday technology takes over all the human responsibilities, making it a work-free society.

There are many more technological advancements which are yet to be launched and rumours suggest that the newer versions of the technology will be capable of bringing a revolution in this technological world.

By: Devendra Rijhwani 

राजस्थान व राजे सरकार ने दिया मुझे अच्छे अनुभवों का तोहफा

Untitled-2इस देश में कई तरह के लोग कई तरह की वेशभूषा वाले हैं और कई तरीके के कास्ट वाले लोग हैं, मगर इस  देश में सबसे अलग, सबसे जुदा और सबसे अच्छा राजस्थान प्रदेश है, क्योंकि यहाँ का रहन-सहन, संस्कृति और अनुशासन अापको अपनी तरफ खींचता है और इसको बरक़रार रखने का पूरा श्रेय हमारी सरकार और यहाँ की जनता को जाता है जिसने हमेशा अपना भरोसा सरकार को सौंपा।

मगर इस समय इस भरोसे और इस जज़्बे को हमारी मुख्यमंत्री श्रीमति वसुंधरा राजे जी को सौंपा गया जिन्होंने पूरी ईमानदारी से अपनी अच्छी और लाभकारी योजनाओं से और अपनी मेहनत से पूरे प्रदेश में लगभग सभी लोगों का दिल जीता है।

मैं दो लाइन का अनुभव जो मैंने यहाँ रहकर सीखा वह आपसे शेयर करना चाहता हूँ।
माना कि लोग बहुत मिलेंगे हर गली हर शहर हर मंज़िल में  मगर सच्चा साथी और सच्चा सहपाठी वही है जो हाथ से हाथ मिलाकर चले।

तो इसी विचार के साथ हम यही व्यक्त कर सकते हैं कि श्रीमति वसुंधरा राजे अपनी जनता के साथ हाथ से हाथ मिलाकर चल रही है जिससे जनता समझ गयी है कि अापके साथ किसका हाथ मिला हुआ है जो अपने सहपाठी और अपने साथी के साथ चलती जा रही है,  एक विकास और एक नए मंज़िल की ओर।

मैं अपनी समझ का ध्यान रखते हुए अपने भाव को एक शायरी में अर्ज़ करना चाहता  हूँ ,

कि कोई दुकान वाला जिस तरह दीवाली, ईद और होली में अपनी अपनी दुकान को साजे ,
मगर कोई ऐसा भी है कि जिसकी योजनाएँ प्रदेश की जनता के दिलो में घंटियों की तरह बाजे ,
उसे कहते है राजस्थान की वसुंधरा राजे।

जयपुर (राजस्थान)

Upcoming Cars in India 2017 – Redefining Luxury

bannerIndian Market has been flooded with brand new car models in recent years which include state of the art luxurious features along with the next-generation safety measures for the driver against road accidents.  Year 2017 is yet another promising year for the Car Industry in India wherein the famous car brands like Toyota, Renault, Skoda and Maruti Suzuki have planned to launch their new models by the mid/end of this year. Here’s a look at 4 amazingly impressive Cars which are expected to be launched by this Diwali.

New Gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire



It’ll be the third generation of Maruti Suzuki Dzire which is planned to be launched this year. The second Generation of the variant had already crossed all selling records and the company is now ready to launch its third generation. The car is very similar to its second generation model except the fact that it has more sedan-like features as far as the area proportions are concerned. The latest segment of the vehicle would be available with the new in-built touch screen entertainment system and rumors suggest that the sedan is going to be GPS- equipped as well.  The exterior has been completely redesigned keeping the BS IV norms intact, though the Engine is said to be kept the same like the first and the second generations of the car segment.

New Gen Toyota Camry

toyota camry

Toyota has already made its mark in the Indian Car Industry market by launching its premium luxury sedans like Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Camry and many more. Now is the time when Toyota is ready to launch a new face to its legendary variant – Toyota Camry. Just to remind you, Camry was the best selling hybrid sedan at the time of its launch in India. Toyota now claims to have made the all new Toyota Camry much more comfortable and also assures that it’ll embed premium handling. It will be available both in Sedan and Hybrid models and the company is planning to showcase it in the upcoming Auto Expo 2018.

Renault Kaptur



Renault is all set to launch its new SUV Renault Kaptur in India later this year. After the grand success of Renault Duster in the country, the company has decided to go another mile with its all new sports utility vehicle. Renault claims that this new SUV has been designed keeping the Indian roads and environment in mind. The styling of the car is according to the European conditions, although, it is expected to create a magic on Indian Roads for sure. Kaptur would be positioned above Renault Duster in all aspects including the volume of the Engine. The car is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

Skoda Kodiaq

skoda 2


The Czech Carmaker Skoda had announced to launch its latest premium SUV in India in 2016 and after its grand success in Berlin, Skoda has confirmed the same lately. The car has been tested In Indian conditions and much to the happiness of the carmaker, it is ready to be launched in India in September 2017. Skoda is planning to launch two variants of the same wherein one variant would be a 5-seater SUV whereas the other would be having an optional 7-seater configuration as well.  With the massive 104 mm of rear legroom, the car is definitely ready to impress the Indian car users. The vehicle is expected to be housing a giant 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine. The car will also be available in its petrol variant.

By: Devendra Rijhwani 

5 Ways To Décor Your Room With Used Bottles

banner bottleDo you have spare empty bottles at your home and you want to discard them?  Wait! You can use them in a better way. Be creative and use these bottles to décor your room, lawn or kitchen. Here are few cool ideas to recycle used bottles:

1) Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser: Wash bottle and remove labels. Use a brush to apply a layer of glitter glue to bottle’s neck. Sprinkle with glass glitter until completely covered. Let dry. Fill with dish soap. Add pourer.

wine bottle

2) Wine Cork Picture Frame: Paint frame in a colour of your choice. Using box cutter, cut corks into ¼″-thick slices. Paint slices in different colours and let it dry. Put these coloured corks on the frame.

picture frame

3)Bird Feeder: Use plastic bottles and make two diagonal holes with a knife at the middle and put two wooden spoons crossing the two holes. Fill the jar with bird feed and hang it on your balcony or in your lawn.

bird feeder

4) Bottle Holders: Use colourful bottles to manage your make up brushes, lip colours of cosmetics. These beautiful holders can also be used as a toothbrush-toothpaste holder. You can use them for keeping your pen, pencils etc. Cut a bottle in half and then smooth their corners by using iron.


5) Wall Garden: One of the most beautiful and eco-friendly uses of these bottles could be your wall garden. It can be on your terrace or backyard. Use bottles as small pots with various seedlings. It’s easy, beautiful and eye-catchy use of bottles.

bottle garden

Very small, easy, quick and creative use of used bottles can give a raw and innovative touch to your home décor. So before throwing the bottles away, give a though to use them in a perfect way. So start today!

By: Sudha Ram Joshi